We offer

Project development:
A) Service:
customized for each of our clients effective solutions through continuous contact and continuous improvement in flexibility, availability and response time.
B) Technology and quality:
Permanent optimization of our equipment, procedures and costs.
C) Security:
Top priority in compliance with the requirements of our customers, regarding the rules and laws prevention of occupational risks.
TC ALSAN LIMITE It provides skilled direct labor for professional services in the following activities:
• Industrial Construction
• Boatyards (certified welders, caldereros, tuberos, fitters, mechanical, blasters / electricians painters etc.)
• Prefabrication of pipe and mounting in different types of materials such as special alloys, stainless, duplex, etc.
• Assembly and installation of equipment and machinery.
• Prefabrication and mounting brackets and metal structure.
• Prefabrication and assembly of pressure vessels and storage tanks.
• Pipelines and pipelines.